What is Orthodontics?

The condition of your teeth is important for a number of reasons – damaged or missing teeth can cause discomfort while chewing, can hinder the ability to chew properly and can affect your self-confidence if it affects your smile. Fortunately, there’s an area of dentistry that focuses on this and it’s called orthodontics. If you are missing teeth or have damaged teeth, you should consider a dental office that specializes in orthodontics in Waterloo.

What is Oral Cancer Screening?

When it comes to prevention, getting an oral cancer screening in Waterloo is a very good idea. An oral cancer screening is a basic examination that is done by a dentist in which they search for signs of cancer in your mouth. Here at Waterloo Smiles Dentistry, we can perform oral cancer screenings during routine checkups using the VELscope, a blue light that uses natural tissue fluorescence to discover abnormalities in your mouth.