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Every single day of your life you use your teeth. Your teeth help you chew your food, support facial muscles and also, help you with talking clearly? Many people even have dreams about their teeth falling out. This is their subconscious using real life experiences in childhood when baby teeth naturally fall out. In many cases, they experienced teasing from siblings or friends and feelings of a loss of control mixed with the added challenges of adolescents. As an adult, losing teeth can be filled with a certain social and even economic angst. Dr. Husain understands all this and also wants to help by keeping you aware of any possible issues before they arise

The longer we tend to live, the more the damage our bodies endure, and certainly, our teeth are no exception. Teeth can break down and sometimes are beyond saving. There are people who do live without teeth, but even if one tooth is missing is will effect all the others. The surrounding teeth will shift and sag into the space left behind and the jaw gets out of alignment. The sagging teeth now need to take up more of the work and will wear faster and can even break. After years in this condition, it becomes a domino effect and the damage will continue. While Canadian dental professionals have been and are dedicated to preventing dental disease the amount of people with missing teeth has significantly fallen over the last 40 years.

Dr. Husain has excellent options for replacing broken or missing teeth. There are different types of crowns and bridges that can exactly mimic the lost tooth. Dental implants are another option for restoring teeth and holding dentures well in place. Dr. Husain offers all these options and services and would be more than happy to discuss them with you. Feel free to write or call us at info@waterloosmiles.com or 519-888-6063 – payment plans available.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” The same goes for perfect looking teeth. Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder. That’s why every person will have a different idea about perfect teeth. To understand the emotional and technical issues, Dr. Husain gets involved personally and strives to strike a chord between your perception of perfection, budget and modern dentistry. Perhaps you may only need reshaping, or your teeth may require a change in their arrangement. Dr. Husain does basic orthodontics using Invisalign orthodontics, she also utilizes a number of excellent and experienced Orthodontists who can help her patients achieve the perfection they are looking for.

There are times when a tooth is damaged or scarred. It such scenarios, a fine layer of porcelain called a veneer is placed over the front portion of your tooth, to give that harmonious and ideal look. Another option is to use composite resin, which is less costly, doesn’t last as long but can be done in one appointment.

There are times when patients think whiter teeth are just bleached away or the use of custom trays, or zoom should suffice. But, if you have any fillings in your front teeth, chances are that bleaching will make your enamel lighter and as a result, the filling might look darker.

Every individual and their requirements are different. That’s why Dr. Husain understands and uses a personal approach. You can reach us at 519-888-6063 to set up an appointment to discuss your dental cosmetic concerns. We offer flexible payment plans whenever possible.

Perhaps you are someone who loves being around people. Do you think people will likely judge you based on your smell, dress or the way you look? Did you know, most individuals make a decision about a person within 30 seconds from the time of introduction? Think – What your dress says about you? What do your teeth say about you? The best part – You can change all of that if you want. Dr. Husain can suggest and treat almost all dental issues.

Or, you just want to be able to enjoy eating food again without pain! There are solutions for every problem and sometimes, it is simpler and painless than you probably imagined. Dental pain is the last tell-tale sign, of most dental problems. Never ignore it. Don’t allow a small problem to become a big one that will surely have you lose your time and happiness over it.

If you take action now, you CAN change your situation.

Inflammation of the ligaments, gums, bones and tissues surrounding the teeth is periodontal disease. Gingivitis and periodontitis are considered as two main forms of periodontal disease. Dr. Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinic once said “You’d live an average 10 years longer if you brush and floss”. But you are above average and want to live longer, right? Let us teach you how!

Let’s clear up all the confusion – Your teeth colour comes from the second layer of your tooth called DENTIN. The colour is purely inherited and when you’re born with darker dentin, no matter how much bleaching that’s done on the outer enamel, it won’t change.

So, you may be wondering about the role whitening agents play. Your enamel can get stained through tiny fractures that develop over time. This comes from eating darkcoloured foods such as cola, coffee, red wine. Essentially any food that will stain your clothes will stain your teeth. Consumer whitening agents such as strips are safe peroxides that dissolve stains and return your teeth to their natural colour. But they have the lowest percentage of peroxide and are poorly fitted. Therefore they provide less colourrestoration but may be all you need. DIY homemade trays are considered the next best solution, yet still have low levels of peroxide and fit poorly. The low levels of peroxide in DIY products are what make them safe but also make them less effective. To get higher more effective dosses you would require professional supervision.

Here are a two better options: Our staff can make you custom trays for you to begin a home whitening regime immediately that will require 1-2 hour daily treatments for 2 weeks. The best part – peroxide levels are adjusted for your requirement. The second option is our ZOOM whitening system where we warm precise levels of peroxide, paint it on your teeth with your gums fully protected then placed under special UV light to speed up the process. In about an hour your treatment is complete and you go home with the whitest teeth possible.

For all these options, you still need to avoid dark foods because your teeth will become discoloured again if you are not vigilant.

Did you know dental pain is the last sign of any dental disease? This means you would never know there’s a problem until it hurts. When your tooth hurts, it is probably an advanced stage problem. Advanced gum disease, the kind where bone disintegrates around your teeth, doesn’t really cause pain until 95% of the bone is lost. By then, the tooth will become loose, and fall out – yet, you may not feel a thing. But there are a few warning signs such as your teeth beginning to spread or bleeding gums to mention a few.

Tooth decay is no different! Even before you ever feel pain, bacterial acids would have dissolved your tooth enamel, dentin and probably, reached the pulp. That’s when you’ll begin to feel the pain. Research studies of the arteries on patients with plaque build up showed that it stemmed from dental plaque.

The dental plaque is a soft glue that bacteria create to hold on to your gums and teeth. This, in turn, attracts hard water deposits and becomes very hard only removable with dental instruments. However please do not try removing it yourself. By the way, bleeding gums are the only way these bacteria can enter your heart.

Routinely brushing your teeth and flossing is very friendly to your heart! Do you need a better reason? We will help you not only keep your teeth but by extension preserve your general health.