Is Invisalign Really Better: 10 Facts to Help You Decide

Want to straighten your teeth quickly without the pain and embarrassment of metal braces? Consider Invisalign—these are virtually invisible braces offering a discreet way to address common dental issues and enhance your smile in a shorter span of time. An experienced Waterloo dentist can explain the process and help you decide if it is right for you. Invisalign has helped more than 900,000 patients all over the world smile confidently again.

Waterloo Smiles grand opening event was a huge success

Thank you everyone,

Waterloo Smiles grand opening event was a huge success!! A lovely turn out of friends, family, colleagues and our wonderful patients.

I’m so very proud to have hosted such a phenomenal event. We were welcomed by the city of Waterloo and the uptown Waterloo BIA for having chosen this amazing location to build our future.

Many thanks to Robins Goldsmithing for putting on the party with us and to Mambella’s Café for catering the event.

I’d like to acknowledge my exceptional team for stepping up and hosting all of our guests through the space. We are excited to be in our new clinic at 188 King Street South in Waterloo. We’d also like to thank Henry Schein in helping us create a warm and modern dental clinic that we all can be proud to work in. All the state-of-the-art technology and dental equipment makes for an amazing environment to practice in and will certainly bring a feeling of trust and confidence for our patience.

To all our patients, current and new, as a Dentist in Waterloo we are committed to providing world class service. Thank you for choosing us to take care of your oral health needs and we look forward to the future by serving you!! If you haven’y yet had a chance to visit us, please come and check us out!

How Dry Mouth Affects Your Dental Health

Did you know that having a “dry mouth” can lead to many dental issues including bad breath, plaque build-up, gingivitis and an increased risk of cavities? One of the reasons for dry mouth is acidic saliva. Drinking more water is only part of the solution. Consult an experienced Waterloo dentist to determine your saliva pH levels and the cause of ‘mouth acidity’. Dr. Husain will explain the oral science of dry mouth and advise you on the right treatment.

Waterloo Dentist Offers Cosmetic Dentistry Services To Keep You Smiling

Cosmetic dentistry enables you to erase many dental flaws. Crooked teeth, unsightly gaps, yellowish stains, etc. can easily be replaced by a whiter, brighter smile. To know exactly which one treatment is right for you, consult an experienced Waterloo dentist.

Many people are embarrassed by their misaligned, misshapen and discoloured teeth. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to correct these dental problems quickly and discreetly. While no one will know your secret, they will certainly notice your beautiful smile.

Announcing a new Dentist in Waterloo

We’re please to announce a new Dentist in Waterloo. Dr. Shaun Filonowicz is the newest addition to the Waterloo Smiles team. He has come to us as we prepare to expand our dental healthcare footprint in Waterloo to serve you even better. Waterloo Smiles Dentistry will be opening a second clinic at 188 King Street South across from the Bauer Lofts. This modern office is a street level space that offers 2000 square feet of state-of-the-art dental care. Ac cents of acrylic, glass and reclaimed wood welcomes you as you enter from the underground heated parking, backdoor access into our reception area. With the open concept, exposed ceiling design, you’re going to feel right at home and a little pampered too.

Waterloo Dentist On King Street South Waterloo

We’re very happy to share the progress on the construction of our second clinic located at 188 King St S in Waterloo. This project began at the start of the year and has been progressing nicely. Every day new things develop and the anticipation of completion grows right along with it. We needed another Waterloo Dentist and figured this is the perfect spot, practically on the border of Kitchener and Waterloo. Convenient for many students, families and seniors!

Stay tuned for updates as they happen

Oral Hygiene Tips from Dr. Fawzia Husain

Practicing good oral hygiene ensures healthy teeth and gums, without gum problems like Gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, bad breadth, etc. We all love individuals that have an attractive smile, perfect teeth and confident personality. With good oral hygiene habits, you look great and tend to have higher confidence levels. A recent research revealed that dental plaque and plaque that accumulates in cardiac arteries are similar. This goes on to show the importance of oral hygiene. Let’s take a look at important aspects in oral hygiene.