Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges for Restoration

Crowns, also called a cap, a crown is a manmade cover that’s used when restoring a damaged or decayed tooth. During the process of restoring your tooth to its original shape, size and form, crowns are ideal for protecting a broken or cracked tooth.

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Not only that, a crown is also used to correct the shape of your tooth, cosmetic or biting problem, or to replace poor-fitting or broken crowns. We recommend a crown for anyone undergoing root canal treatment. Crowns can be of porcelain, gold, other metals or a combination of metal and porcelain.

Bridge, a fixed bridge is recommended when one or more teeth are missing. Fixed bridge will have one, or more replacement teeth that are fixed to crowns that can be fitted to a tooth or two, for support. Besides replacing the missing or damaged tooth, bridge also helps with restoring normal tooth functions and position. Fixed bridge can be made with porcelain or metals, or a combination of both.
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