How can I get perfect looking teeth?

How can I get perfect looking teeth?

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” The same goes for perfect looking teeth. Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder. That’s why every person will have a different idea about perfect teeth. To understand the emotional and technical issues, Dr. Husain gets involved personally and strives to strike a chord between your perception of perfection, budget and modern dentistry. Perhaps you may only need reshaping, or your teeth may require a change in their arrangement. Dr. Husain does basic orthodontics using Invisalign orthodontics, she also utilizes a number of excellent and experienced Orthodontists who can help her patients achieve the perfection they are looking for.

There are times when a tooth is damaged or scarred. It such scenarios, a fine layer of porcelain called a veneer is placed over the front portion of your tooth, to give that harmonious and ideal look. Another option is to use composite resin, which is less costly, doesn’t last as long but can be done in one appointment.

There are times when patients think whiter teeth are just bleached away or the use of custom trays, or zoom should suffice. But, if you have any fillings in your front teeth, chances are that bleaching will make your enamel lighter and as a result, the filling might look darker.

Every individual and their requirements are different. That’s why Dr. Husain understands and uses a personal approach. You can reach us at 519-888-6063 to set up an appointment to discuss your dental cosmetic concerns. We offer flexible payment plans whenever possible.