Why do I need professional teeth whitening?

Why do I need professional teeth whitening?

Let’s clear up all the confusion – Your teeth colour comes from the second layer of your tooth called DENTIN. The colour is purely inherited and when you’re born with darker dentin, no matter how much bleaching that’s done on the outer enamel, it won’t change.

So, you may be wondering about the role whitening agents play. Your enamel can get stained through tiny fractures that develop over time. This comes from eating darkcoloured foods such as cola, coffee, red wine. Essentially any food that will stain your clothes will stain your teeth. Consumer whitening agents such as strips are safe peroxides that dissolve stains and return your teeth to their natural colour. But they have the lowest percentage of peroxide and are poorly fitted. Therefore they provide less colourrestoration but may be all you need. DIY homemade trays are considered the next best solution, yet still have low levels of peroxide and fit poorly. The low levels of peroxide in DIY products are what make them safe but also make them less effective. To get higher more effective dosses you would require professional supervision.

Here are a two better options: Our staff can make you custom trays for you to begin a home whitening regime immediately that will require 1-2 hour daily treatments for 2 weeks. The best part – peroxide levels are adjusted for your requirement. The second option is our ZOOM whitening system where we warm precise levels of peroxide, paint it on your teeth with your gums fully protected then placed under special UV light to speed up the process. In about an hour your treatment is complete and you go home with the whitest teeth possible.

For all these options, you still need to avoid dark foods because your teeth will become discoloured again if you are not vigilant.