A VELscope exam could save your Life!

We are delighted to add the VELscope technology to our practice. It will always be a part of your annual full oral exam but you can have it done at anytime, just ask us when you make an appointment. With such a simple device we now can detect abnormalities never before visible to the naked eye. Recent reports found the addition of VELscope to routine clinical exams resulted in the detection of a number of mucosal abnormalities not detected by a conventional exam.

VELscope news

The study found that 69 (11.1%) of the routine dental patients examined had lesions only detected via VELscope assessment. In addition to the detection of oral cancers and precancers, the VELscope system is showing itself to be a powerful tool for the discovery of mucosal abnormalities such as:
1) Viral, fungal and bacterial infections
2) Inflammation from a variety of causes (including lichen planus and lichenoid reactions)
3) Squamous papillomas
4) Salivary gland tumours

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