Digital Imaging at your Dentist in Waterloo

Waterloo Dentist Welcomes Digital Imaging I’m always looking for new ways to improve patient satisfaction – whether we are improving our reception experience or back office work processes, this mindset has been key to my practice’s success. The way I see it happy and healthy patients are the foundation of every dental practice. I realized that digital imaging (digital radiography) could bring levels of patient satisfaction that I never would have considered.

Logicon screen

Patients are thrilled knowing the amount of radiation used during diagnostic X-rays have been greatly reduced. Plus we receive superior image quality to boot. Most patients feel more comfortable knowing we are investing in new technologies and are ahead of the technology curve. Larger images when displayed on our monitors make the image easier to understand. Enhanced diagnostic capabilities improve care and patient understanding of treatment needs. Eliminating processing time can reduce the length of the patient’s appointment. With digital radiography, we continue the treatment workflow without having to stop and wait to see the image or leave the patient alone in the operatory. I’m happy to give my patients peace of mind in that this system is also environmentally friendly and we are not using chemistry or pollutants.

The software we use is clinically proven to help us find up to 20% more hidden decay on permanent teeth than any other traditional method today. We can automatically scan surfaces and highlight decay sites in one picture while detailing and saving changes in tooth density and lesion probability for each surface. It’s amazing, and by far the best piece of equipment we have ever invested in to bring our patients the best care possible.

Dentists in Waterloo Region are quickly adapting to these healthier, advanced dental technologies and we will continue to lead the way in these fields of dentistry.