OraCare™ Exclusively at this Dentist in Waterloo

OraCare is a Revolutionary Product

OraCare™ utilizes Activated Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2). Chlorine Dioxide has been shown to kill Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi, destroy Biofilms and neutralize Bacterial Toxins (VSCs.) Because of activated CLO2’s unique properties, OraCare™ has countless uses eliminating the need for multiple products.

oracare product 1

OraCare™ is one of very few products that reduces both bacteria and bacterial toxins that cause 99% of bad breath

As dentists, we know that a healthy mouth is the gateway to good health. At Waterloo Smiles we are committed to creating better health for our patients. Because everything is connected, OraCare™ benefits more than just a person’s oral health – it can improve his/her overall well being.

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