Dental Implants

Dental Implants for Restoration

dental implants In the event where natural teeth are damaged beyond restoration, things can be made better with the usage of dental implants and implant-retained teeth. Aesthetically-pleasing replacement teeth can not only look good, but also feel and work like your natural teeth and can be designed to work with different dental implants.

It can be single-tooth implants, or multiple implants for replacing multiple missing teeth, which can be followed with fabrication of dentures or partial dentures that fit the implants.

One can also choose “fixed” restorations in case of multiple implants – prosthetic options that are permanent and can’t be removed. Dr. Husain will ensure patient’s implant surgeon is taken into consideration and a decision is arrived at, only after identifying the best treatment option for the patient in question, and their preference for dental implants. Such interoffice communication is the key to getting optimum function and aesthetic appeal.

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