Dental Veneers

services One of the most revolutionary and exciting development in Aesthetic Dentistry
is the inception of dental veneers. Only within a week or ten days, misaligned, discolored or even broken teeth can be completely transformed. Veneers are considered better than full crowns, when adequate tooth structure remains.

In other words, dental veneers are a perfect merger of science and art, which allows a skilled practitioner to get astounding results. For those with imperfect smiles, porcelain veneers can be a way to get the smile they always longed for!

At Waterloo Smiles, dental veneers are one of our specialities and you would be happy for giving us a chance to help you. If you want a private consultation, feel free to contact us.

Veneers are made of porcelain, custom-designed and manufactured and hence, can perfectly match your natural teeth. Veneers are ideal when you want to correct tooth anomalies like stained or discolored tooth, chips, or irregularly sized tooth and yet, your natural tooth structure remains intact.

It takes two appointments to complete the procedure. During the first appointment, your tooth would be prepared, where we remove a portion of your tooth structure, shape it and take an impression of the prepared tooth. Then, we send the impression to a laboratory, to handcraft the veneers. Skilled technicians are at work there and come up with restorations that will feel and look like your natural teeth.

Dr. Husain will take pictures of your teeth and ensure the correct color of your teeth is communicated to the laboratory. Also, Dr. Husain will fit acrylic temporary veneers for your teeth, which will be helpful until the laboratory is complete with final restorations. Since it will be about three weeks to get the custom-made veneers, this temporary replacement will not only offer an interim aesthetic solution, they will also help with adjusting to the new size, shape and form of teeth. During the second appointment, the new veneers will be fitted and you can flaunt your “new” smile fearlessly.

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