Pediatric Dentistry

It’s never too early to start considering pediatric dentistry

As a practicing Doctor of Dental Surgery, I see plenty of families on a daily basis that love maintaining a healthy, bright smile. My role in pediatric dentistry is often the first time I meet a new young patient and I strive to make sure that this first visit to the dentist is fun, informative and enjoyable – for the parents as well

pediatric dentistry

as the child! The first thing I tell them is that it is never too early to come in for a check up. Ideally, children should be brought in at six months old so that we can monitor their development, chat with the parents and introduce oral care in a gentle, positive way. Many parents really enjoy this opportunity to chat about their children’s milestones, how they can introduce oral care properly and get plenty of tips on what to do and what to avoid. Often, parents also seek help for any oral issues that their child may be experiencing, including thumb-sucking, teething, tongue thrusting, tooth decay and pacifier issues.

What to Expect in pediatric dentistry

I love having the opportunity to help out new parents and give them advice because I know that it will all lead to their child living a healthy life. I also know that each child, just like each adult, needs a different oral health care regime that’s as individual as they are so that we meet their needs with the highest degree of care and quality. I believe that preventative care starts at birth and is a lifelong pursuit – so it’s essential that children are introduced to dentistry in a safe, calm and happy environment. My practice is designed to put children (as well as parents) at ease and it creates a safe place where all questions are welcome.

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