How important are your child’s teeth?

As a parent, you’re tasked with a million things to worry about. Your child’s dental health however, should be high on your priority list from the moment your child’s first tooth appears. Prevent cavities and help them grow strong pearly whites by enforcing good eating habits and daily teeth cleaning regimens. Here are a few easy tips and interesting facts for parents :

How your dental hygiene affects your heart and health

Since we were kids, dentists have been telling us to brush our teeth three times a day and to floss regularly. Although all of us know how important it is to follow a proper dental hygiene regimen, few of us really follow through with this advice…

According to the 201 Crest and Oral-B Great Canadian Smile Survey, a staggering 68% of people disregard the advice dentists give them. The problem is that poor dental hygiene doesn’t only lead to yellow teeth and bad breath – it can also lead to heart disease. Even more surprisingly, doctors are able to predict heart disease by simply peering into your mouth and checking out your teeth!

Kids dental health

Give your kids the right start and keep them smiling brightly with these dental health tips! Like any parent, you want your child’s gorgeous smile to be there for a lifetime – that means being […]

Why is Canada Day such a big deal?

Canada Day takes place on July 1st and the reason it’s such a big deal is simple – it’s Canada’s birthday! Thousands of people flock to places like Ottawa, Ontario and other major Canadian cities to get involved in the wide range of celebratory activities and functions that happen on this date each year. In fact, Canada Day is such a big deal that there are even international celebrations in other countries where there’s a Canadian population!

Prevent Oral Health Problems with Oracare

As a dentist, one of the most frequently talked about topics among my patients is the question of oral care, specifically how to keep their breath fresh all day long. For this and other oral healthcare related issues, I recommend Oracare. This two-part system is the latest advancement in oral health.

One of the reasons Oracare is so effective at helping my patients overcome bad breath is that, unlike many other products, it doesn’t just mask the problem of bad breath. Oracare is designed to address the cause of the problem and subsequently offer a permanent solution. Volatile sulfur compounds usually cause bad breath and Oracare effectively eliminates the VSC bacteria from the mouth.

Early pediatric dentistry

Many new parents think that they don’t need to worry about pediatric dentistry until their children’s teeth are all showing, but that’s just not the case! That’s because pediatric dentistry is about more than just teeth care – it’s about comprehensive oral care right from the early stages of life that sets the standard for your child’s future health.
Many new parents visit dentists very early on in their child’s development so that they can get answers to the many questions they have about development milestones, how to introduce their baby to oral care, what to do and, most importantly, what not to do!
Dentists who have experience in pediatric dentistry can help parents to prevent bad oral habits from forming before their child’s teeth makes an appearance – including thumb-sucking – that, if they are left untreated, can cause major problems down the line. They can also help by advising on the best ways to deal with teething and how to keep those first pearly whites looking bright.

Waterloo Smiles Dentistry Insights Shocking State of Oral Health with Olympic Athletes

As professional dentists in Waterloo”, we disbelievingly read a study released on 30 September that made shocking reports on the state of the oral health 2012 Olympic athletes, with some athletes reportedly having never visited a dentist before. University College London researchers examined the teeth and gums of 302 Olympic athletes who visited a London 2012 Olympic Village dental clinic.

The athletes examined took part in 25 different sports:

Information about cosmetic dentists in Waterloo

From the most subtle changes to major overhauls, your dentist can perform an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that will help to improve your smile. There are so many treatments and techniques to treat teeth that are chipped, discoulored, missing or otherwise damaged and unsightly.

A cosmetic dentist is able to reshape your teeth, restore worn or short teeth and close spaces or even alter the length of your teeth. There are many common cosmetic dentistry procedures, including bonding, bleaching, crowns, reshaping, veneers and contouring, to name only a few.

However, the improvements that come with cosmetic dentistry will not always be only cosmetic. Many dentists that have treated patients in Waterloo have used cosmetic dentistry treatments designed to improve or solve oral problems like an overbite, for example.