5 simple ways to prevent gum disease

Gum disease, or Periodontal diseaseif you want to get technical, is caused by plaque buildup on your teeth, near the gumline. As bacteria-filled plaque collects along your gum line, it can eventually cause your gums to become inflamed.

If ignored, inflamed gums can have many adverse effects down the line. 

• Gum recession occurs when the gums surrounding your teeth begin to shrink and pull away from the teeth, exposing more of the tooth. Recessed gums create an even more fertile breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

• Tooth loss is the downstream effect that generally results from poor dental health. Poor gum health can absolutely lead to an increased rate of tooth loss and overall worsened dental health.

• Bad breath or halitosis can also result from poor gum health and is common in cases of those diagnosed with gum disease.

Fortunately, taking these five simple actions will help you reduce your overall chances of ever ending up with diseased gums.

1. Brush twice daily. You can stretch it and brush up to three times per day if you feel it necessary depending on your lifestyle, but not more than three times. You don’t want to stress your tooth enamel. After you eat, food particles often get stuck between teeth and along the gum line. Brushing breaks up plaque before it can build-up.

2. Use mouthwash. There are endless varieties of mouthwash on the market for your particular tastes and preference. From all-natural fluoride-free formulations to those advertised as “alcohol-free” for people who find mouthwash to burn their mouth. Regular mouthwash use, along with brushing, can help reduce plaque and remove food buildup.

3.Floss at least once daily. Professionals debate whether traditional string floss is best or if more modern floss sticks, or pickers are acceptable.

4. Consider your risks.Genetics has a lot to do with your health in general, and dental health is no exception. Talk to older members of your extended family. Whatever conditions are common among family members are ones you might also eventually experience.

5.Consult a professional. Dentists are trained to easily assess gum health as well as overall tooth and mouth wellness. Be sure you schedule at least one yearly checkup with a dentist.

Your ability to maintain healthy gums depends on your commitment to your dental wellness. When you seek a Dentist in Kitchener Waterloo, don’t forget to discuss your gums!

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