Announcing a new Dentist in Waterloo

Announcing a new Dentist in Waterloo

We’re please to announce a new Dentist in Waterloo. Dr. Shaun Filonowicz is the newest addition to the Waterloo Smiles team. He has come to us as we prepare to expand our dental healthcare footprint in Waterloo to serve you even better. Waterloo Smiles Dentistry will be opening a second clinic at 188 King Street South across from the Bauer Lofts. This modern office is a street level space that offers 2000 square feet of state-of-the-art dental care. Ac cents of acrylic, glass and reclaimed wood welcomes you as you enter from the underground heated parking, backdoor access into our reception area. With the open concept, exposed ceiling design, you’re going to feel right at home and a little pampered too.

So update your contact info now, as your Dentist in Waterloo is now also at 188 King Street. South. And don’t worry, when you arrive you’ll be greeted with the all so familiar smiles from our staff (whom are also patients like you) and find comfort in the reception area. While Mom get’s her teeth checked in one of our 6 operatories, Junior can use one of many tablets available to occupy and enthrall his mind. We’ve paid special attention to maintain an exceptionally healthy and modern clinic that provides and digital paperless environment. We’re sure you’ll find the open concept of our sterilization area interesting if not reassuring of our commitment to your health and safety. Which brings us to the all-important Vista Pure water filtration system. This quality system maintains absolute purity in delivery and content. So you see no stone has been left unturned, we’ve tried to address every function of this clinic to be patient centric so your visit will always be a healthy experience mentally an physically.

While we will be working in both offices we’ll also be adjusting our hours to be consistently open for you on Fridays to serve you even better.

Please feel free to contact us anytime, we’d be happy to hear from you.