What to Do about a ‘Gummy’ Smile?

What to Do about a ‘Gummy’ Smile?

The overall appeal of a smile has more to do with perception and aesthetics. There are many times when people seek cosmetic dentistry treatments because they are not happy with their smiles. The chances are they do have a legitimate issue. Some people feel their gum tissue shows more than their teeth, and when they smile it’s more prominent.

This is what we call a ‘gummy’ smile. It appears as though your teeth are too small and your gums take up more space than your teeth. This may not be a look you’re comfortable with, and if you could change it you would. People who have this condition will often feel self conscious or say they do not feel confident about themselves and it causes other problems associated with their teeth.

Causes of Gummy Smiles

When it comes to having a gummy smile, there are many possible reasons. These include:

  • Hyper mobile lip (excessive lip movement)
  • People with short upper lips can have gummy smiles because it could be that the upper lip isn’t covering the upper teeth and gums properly
  • Anterior over eruption (overbite problems)
  • Compensatory eruption
  • Short ramus and overgrowth of the maxilla
  • Altered active eruption (a condition when the teeth do not make it out of the jawbone)
  • Altered passive eruption (the gingival does not retreat, as the person grows older)

Treatment of Gummy Smiles

If you feel you have a gummy smile, then it’s best that you visit a dentist to confirm the options of treatments. It is likely that your dentist will first examine your teeth and gums to see the extent of the gingival display. The procedure of examination requires the digital or conventional impressions of your gums and teeth. Sometimes, you may need X-ray scans; this helps the doctor to see the root and jawbone.

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