Breathe Easy This Flu Season With Surgically Clean Air

Air quality is extremely important in a dental office. After all, any time you visit us, be it for a routine checkup or a major procedure, you’ll end up sitting in that chair with your mouth open for a long period of time. While this position makes it much easier to get at your teeth, it can also leaves you pretty exposed to airborne toxins, molds, and germs that could cause illness or infection.

This is a particularly major concern this time of year, when the flu virus is spreading across workplaces, schools, and households like wildfire. That’s why you want to make sure your dentist office takes particular care with its air quality.

High-Quality Filtration for a High-Need Industry.

At Waterloo Smiles, we take air quality and infection control very seriously. We want you to be able to sit in that chair with complete peace of mind that you’re opening up to keep your teeth white, healthy, and strong—not to welcome in mold spores, the cold virus, and the flu. That’s why, when it comes to air filtration, we prefer to err on the side of caution.

Say Hello to our Little Friend.

The Surgically Clean Air system is the best of the best when it comes to air filtration. While standard air purifiers work to clean some of the particles with a simple one-stage filter, our medical-grade indoor air cleaning system has a 6-stage filtration process that is designed specifically to weed out harmful particulates of every shape and size.

What’s more, the Surgically Clean Air system has the power to scrub every breath of air in our office before it gets re-circulated. This can be an issue with standard air purifiers that, due to limited power, often doesn’t have enough circulation to properly cleanse all of the air. What’s more, the Surgically Clean Air system operates whisper-quiet, making it much easier to relax (as much as one does in a dentist’s chair, anyhow).

Some might call it overkill. But to us, your health, safety, and peace of mind is worth it.

To learn more about our Surgically Clean Air system, contact us or watch the video below.

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