7 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Your Dentist

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Besides having extensive knowledge in dentistry, dentists need to possess a wide range of skills in order to excel in the practice. Unlike other professions in science and medicine, dentistry requires exemplary interpersonal, business, and artistic skills. Until you know your dental specialist, you might never appreciate their work. Here are seven things you most […]

Why Is It Important To Have An Oral Cancer Exam?

Oral cancer is a common type of cancer that can affect the mouth, lips, tongue, or throat. Approximately three Canadians die each day from oral cancer, and new cases are growing the fastest for young men and women who don’t have typical risk factors. It’s important to have an oral cancer screening at Waterloo Smiles […]

Affordable Teeth Implants At Waterloo Smiles

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Millions of people suffer from tooth loss caused by a multitude of things. Dental implants are the perfect replacement for missing teeth and a great alternative to dentures. Implants are built using metal frames or posts that are surgically attached to your jawbone. Implants help in restoring the person’s chewing ability and enhance their appearance. […]

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