Dental Crowns Types And Differences

No matter what changes your body goes through as you get older, there is one feature that will always define you to those around you. Your smile.

Unfortunately, your smile goes through the aging process along with the rest of you, but there are steps you can take to make sure that no matter what your age, your smile will remain the positive first impression that it has been your entire life.


It’s never too late

For some of you, it may seem like a great smile is a lost cause, but dentistry has come a long way and there are many options available to you. One of these is the dental bridge. When a tooth is missing, it can cause a bevy of issues. Some are obvious, but others can develop over time. This includes affecting your speech, the shape of your face, and remaining teeth slowly moving out of position. Having your dentist put in a dental bridge will address these issues and you will notice the difference immediately.:

The bridge solution

• Ceramic Crowns

A bridge is when your dentist permanently joins an artificial tooth to crowns on each side. The teeth on each side of the gap are prepared to receive a crown, followed by the crowns being placed with a fused ‘artificial crown’ between them to fill in the gap. This serves to both protect your regular teeth and straighten your smile and give you back the function you lost when the tooth was missing. If you’re looking for dental bridges in Waterloo, please call or schedule an appointment today and we’ll be happy to help.

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