Family Dentistry in Waterloo Celebrates Good Hygiene for Christmas

The Christmas holidays are our favourite time of the year at the Waterloo Smiles Dentistry family. Even though the festivities pose unique dental hygiene and oral care challenges, all we want for you and your family this Christmas is healthy, happy smiles. With busy schedules, lots of activities and too many treats around, it is easy to neglect proper oral hygiene and risk starting off the next year with unplanned visits to your family dentist in Waterloo.

As your trusted family dentist in Waterloo, we are delighted to celebrate good hygiene for Christmas and help you, your family and friends with some great tips on how you can maintain good oral hygiene during the holidays.

Don’t Forget Your Pre-Holiday Visit

Whether you are going away for a vacation or spending time home with the family, you do not want to have to make an emergency visit to your family dentist in Kennewick or even worse a new dentist because of a painful cavity during the festivities. Schedule a pre-holiday check-up with your family dentist in Waterloo to ensure that your teeth are in full working order so you can tuck in the great holiday food with confidence.

Drink Up

Water is vital for your oral health and general body health particularly in this season of indulgence. It is easy to binge on all the food and beverages around and forget to drink water. Water is truly a magical liquid. It has been shown to prevent tooth decay and cavities. It is particularly important to take water after a meal to wade away bacteria from the mouth and aid digestion.

Uphold Your Dental Health Game

We have all been guilty of occasionally forgetting to floss but the holidays are not the time to let your hygiene standards slip. If anything, you need to pay more attention to your oral hygiene given all the indulgence. Therefore, whether at home or away, remember to brush for two minutes, floss and gargle twice a day. Remind your family and friends to do the same as well.

Go Easy on the Treats

Overindulgence is expected during the holiday season but remember to be selective. We understand that this is not the time you want to be hearing about the importance of eating your vegetables. There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your favorite treats but do so with moderation while also getting in some healthy nutrition as well.

Find a Quick, Reliable and Effective Oral Hygiene Solution for the Holidays

In this food heavy season, give your oral health the attention it deserves with an easy to use oral cleanser such as Oral Care. It will kill germs, eliminate 99% of oral bacteria and break down dental plaque to keep your smile fresh and healthy for the coming year.

Keep these tips in mind for a fun and joyous festive season full of hugs and smiles and no cavities and toothaches. Schedule a checkup today by contacting the best family dentist in Waterloo – Waterloo Smiles Dentistry.

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