Festive dental hygiene tips

Festive dental hygiene tips: All I want for Christmas is a healthy, happy smile!

At Waterloo Smiles Dentistry, Christmas is our favorite time of year – even though it comes with some unique oral care and dental hygiene challenges! If you’re planning to enjoy the festive season as much as were are – whether with friends, family, neighbours or the whole community – we’ve got some great tips on staying healthy during the holidays:

Come in for a pre-holiday visit: Whether you’re going on holiday or staying home this festive season, the last thing you want to do is have to visit the dentist because you have a painful cavity. A pre-holiday checkup will ensure that your teeth are in full working order – and ready to tuck into great holiday food!

Keep up with the kids: Holidays mean rich food, sweets and chocolates – and for kids, this can mean that their oral hygiene can be at risk. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy these treats on occasion, but be extra vigilant that they are brushing their teeth regularly and not letting holiday fun get in the way of a good oral health regime.

Find a quick, effective oral hygiene solution: Give your oral heath a boost this Christmas with a quick, easy-to-use oral cleanser like OraCare. This is the perfect supplement to a food-heavy season (and a great addition to the rest of the year) and can be used easily between meals wherever you are. It will kill the germs that cause gum disease, break down dental plaque and eliminates 99% of oral bacteria – keeping your breath fresh and clean! It’s also safe for anyone over the age of eight, so it’s perfect for kids.

Pay attention to what your teeth are saying: If you notice an ache or pain, don’t leave it until after the holidays – not only is it likely to get much worse and ruin your festive season, it could also become a far more serious and expensive issue. Rather contact us and get professional assistance immediately, so you can get back to having some fun with family and friends!

With these tips, you and your family will have a fun, happy festive season filled with bright smiles – and no toothaches! For more information on oral care and dental hygiene, please contact us today! At Waterloo Smiles Dentistry, we’re always happy to help!

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