How much does Invisalign cost and are they worth the investment?

Having a bright, straight and beautiful smile is an instant confidence booster and a commonly desired among people of all ages. Unfortunately, most of us do not naturally have a perfect smile. If you are in this group, you might have already heard of Invisalign in Waterloo or surrounding area as an alternative to traditional braces for orthodontic treatments. Patients who were not too fond of the traditional braces are more willing to give Invisalign a try. However, the choice between the two alternatives often boils down to cost. Although the benefits of the treatment method of Invisalign are an extraordinary.

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To have a pick out of the alternatives, you must weigh them side by side. Wondering how much Invisalign treatment costs in Ontario? The estimated average cost of Invisalign in Ontario is between $3,500 and $7,000. The cost varies based on length of treatment and complexity factors such as:

  • 1. The number of aligners you need
  • 2. The extent of alignment your teeth require

With that said, your orthodontist or dentist can provide you with a more accurate estimate based on your unique circumstances and preferences.

Regular metal braces, on the other hand, range from $5000 to $7,000 +. As with the Invisalign in Waterloo, the cost is a reflection of your unique circumstances and preferences. Additionally, most dental insurance plans will cover both alternatives but it is important to confirm the extent of the coverage.

With Invisalign in Waterloo costing relatively the same than regular braces, are they worth taking a closer look at? What makes them a more preferred choice among people who wouldn’t even consider using traditional braces? Let’s take a look at some benefits.

Less Noticeable

Probably one of the biggest selling points is that Invisalign aligners are clear plastic aligners, not easily noticeable, unlike metal braces. This is a particularly important aspect for both young and mature adults as they will feel less self-conscious when smiling.

Minimal Food or Drink Restrictions

Metal braces are semi-permanently attached to the teeth. As a result, you need to avoid certain foods and drinks such as candy and gum during the treatment period. Invisalign in Waterloo, on the other hand, are easily removable at meal-time thereby giving you the freedom to enjoy all your favorite foods and drinks

Better Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing with regular braces is not easy. The wires easily trap food particles and plaque which can result in bad breath, gum diseases and cavities not to mention the swollen gum when the braces are finally removed. Since Invisalign aligners are removable they allow you to properly clean your teeth as you normally would. In all, the cost of Invisalign in Waterloo is quite comparable to traditional braces. So it’s most often simply a matter of understanding and appreciating the benefits rather than having to justify any additional financial cost.

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