How to Get Rid of Your Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is often associated with underlying oral health issues. Halitosis can be embarrassing and can affect your social life and professional relationships if not properly treated. Here are some of the best treatment regimens for eliminating your bad breath. If these simple self-care techniques do not solve the problem, see your dentist or physician to be sure a more serious condition is not causing your bad breath.

Brush and Floss Everyday

Maintaining a dental hygiene routine ensures your breath is consistently fresh. You can prevent bad breath by brushing your teeth at least twice daily. You should also floss your teeth to eliminate plaque buildup and remove teeth from between your teeth. Your dentist in Kitchener Waterloo can assess your mouth to look for signs of disease or infection, such as red and swollen or bleeding gums.

Drink Water Often

The mouth naturally has bacteria that protect teeth from erosion; however, it also has harmful bacteria that cause plaque and tartar buildup. Drinking water is an excellent way of flushing out foul-scented bacteria. Whether you drink eight glasses of water daily or half your weight in ounces, ensure you drink plenty of water daily.

Eat Healthy Foods

Some foods, for instance, carrots, strawberries, and cucumbers will naturally eliminate foul odours and freshen your breath. In addition, foods rich in vitamin C, like red pepper and broccoli, make it difficult for bacteria to thrive in your mouth. These foods work better at fighting bad breath, especially when eaten raw. Any crunchy vegetables or fruits will also eliminate plaque from the teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Visit Your Family Dentist Regularly

Visiting your dental practitioner regularly is essential when fighting chronic bad breath. Your dentist in Kitchener Waterloo will help you find the cause of the problem and prescribe the best treatment method to deter halitosis. To prevent tooth decay and tartar buildup, professional cleaning is recommended every 3 to 6 months, depending on the condition of your gum and teeth.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco can also cause bad breath. In addition, smoking can also cause inflamed salivary glands, plaque and tartar buildup, and increase the risk of developing gum disease. You can eliminate bad breath and improve oral health by quitting chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes.

If you are struggling with bad breath, focus on performing the above tips. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet and take good care of your teeth and mouth. If these measures do not relieve bad breath, consult your dentist or family doctor who will identify the cause by asking questions and a physical examination. Your dentist at Waterloo Smiles, serving Kitchener Waterloo Region, will help you eliminate halitosis permanently and keep your breath fresh and mouth clean with regular checkups and cleanings. Get in touch with us today.

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