How Vaping can harm your teeth and your health

There has been a lot of misconceptions about vaping since it has gained popularity in the last few years, especially when it pertains to your oral health. There is still much more research needed, but the results we currently have certainly aren’t favourable to vaping. When searching for dental treatment in Waterloo, keep in mind that if you do vape, your dentist may share the following information with you.

Dangerous Chemicals

When you inhale your vape pen or any other type of vaporizer or e-cigarette, you are not just inhaling “vapour”. You are inhaling several different kinds of metal and chemical particles that are entering your mouth, your lungs and your bloodstream. Some of these dangerous particles include:

  • propylene glycol
  • glycerine
  • formaldehyde
  • acetaldehyde
  • acrolein
  • toluene
  • nitrosamines
  • nickel
  • cadmium
  • aluminum
  • silicon
  • lead

Although the saturation of these chemicals entering your body is less compared to tobacco smoke from cigarettes, these chemicals entering your body on a regular basis can wreak serious havoc on not only your dental health but the health of your entire body. Side effects of consuming these poisonous chemicals can be catastrophic for your long-term health and even lead to cancer.

Inflames the Gums

According to an American study done in 2016, vaping causes an inflammatory protein that is released by the gums. The resulting stress on the gum tissue can lead to periodontitis and other gum diseases. If you already have sensitive gums, these could quickly exacerbate the issue.

Unsafe Flavouring

The flavouring or the “juice” made for e-cigarettes and vape pens are labelled safe for ingestion, not inhalation. There is simply not enough information about the effects of inhaling these chemicals, not just for your lungs, but your teeth and mouth as well.

Bad Oral Habits

Yes, vaping is less dangerous than smoking tobacco cigarettes, but it is not a habit kicking solution since nicotine is still present, making it very addictive. The habit of inhaling unnatural products into your mouth and lungs is simply dangerous. Overall, quitting any habit that pertains to inhaling anything, unless your doctor prescribes it, is the best thing for your health.

Oral health touches every aspect of our lives but can often be taken for granted. Your mouth is a window into the health of your body and your dentist always has that as a number one priority.While making your appointment for dental treatment in Waterloo, don’t be afraid to ask for more information about vaping and how it may affect you and your family.  Call now 519-888-6063 or book online.

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