Important Information Related to General and Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dentistry in Waterloo

Dentists that specialized in general dentistry focus primarily on the evaluation of your teeth and various dental treatments. A general dentist offers comprehensive dental examinations. During this exam, the dentist usually performs visual exam, cleans your teeth and evaluates their overall condition. They may take dental x-rays to get a better look at your teeth to see what otherwise may be hidden from the naked eye.

In addition, general dentists will treat any type of tooth or gum disease. They perform standard treatment services, such as cavity fillings, root canals, and tooth extractions. If the damage to your teeth requires more services, your general dentist may also, perform themselves or refer you to a dental specialists or one specialising in cosmetic dentistry in Waterloo.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Waterloo

A dentist specialising in cosmetic dentistry in Waterloo, on the other hand, focuses on improving the overall look of your smile. If the cosmetic dentist suspects tooth or gum disease they may start by treating it or referring you back to the general dentist, until treatment is received. Dental offices that focus on cosmetic dentistry offer a wide range of dental services, such as dental implants, bleaching, dental crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, bridges, and Invisalign clear braces.

A dentist offering cosmetic dentistry will start by examining your teeth and discussing your various options with you. These options will depend on the current health of your teeth and the type of tooth damage you may have. You will likely work with your cosmetic dentist over the course of several weeks or months before your teeth will be restored.

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Fortunately Dr. Fawzia Husain offers both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Waterloo. If you have not had a complete dental examination recently, we highly recommend scheduling a no obligation appointment to assess your overall dental health. With this information you’ll be able to better understand your options, time required to make the repairs or improvements as well as the associated costs necessary to bring back your all-important dental health.

Dr. Husain has been practicing general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Waterloo since 1995. So if you’d like to get started you may call us or go here to schedule an appointment.

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