iTero Intraoral Scanning

It’s not always easy imagining what reconstructive or corrective dental work will look like. In the past, we’ve used dental impressions to make plaster moulds that both helped us take accurate measurements and provide a visual aid for our patients, but those took a few days to cast, and even then they only provided a ‘before’ picture.

Finally, technology has not only caught up to the old dental moulds, but has surpassed it by leaps and bounds.

iTero 3D Scanning and Technology

The iTero wand is able to scan your entire dental structure almost instantaneously, rendering 20 accurate scans of your teeth per second, resulting in a perfectly accurate 3D topographical map of your teeth that can be used to produce perfectly-fitted custom dental prosthetics

Once the we have you scanned, the image goes right to the iTero’s fully interactive HD touch display, allowing us to spin, zoom, pinch, and process full-colour images immediately, right before your eyes.

iTero Predictive Software

The accurate scans are great, but our patients’ favorite feature of the iTero system is most often the software. The scans from the iTero can export directly to the Invisalign Outcome Simulator and OrthoCAD Viewer.

These programs allow us to show you exactly what we’re planning on doing to fix your smile, and what your teeth will look like when we’re finished—and even show you side-by-side before and after images.

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