It’s time for Movember! Help raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues

Whether you like a bit of facial hair or not, moustaches are usually everywhere to be seen during November. Here in Canada, as well as the rest of the world, “Movember” is responsible for raising funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

How does Movember work?

On the 1st of November, men register at At this point, everyone has clean-shaven faces and commit to growing their moustaches (or “mo’s”) right up until the last day of the month. Many guys get quite creative with their mo’s and spend lots of time trimming around their lips and snipping patterns into their beards.

What makes this initiative so great is the fact that the people who support it are basically walking, talking billboards for the cause. Interesting moustaches (which you don’t really see in everyday life among young people anymore) spark conversation and get people talking about issues that aren’t necessarily discussed on a day-to-day basis – men’s health and prostate cancer.

Where it all began

Movember started in Melbourne Australia and has since grown into an international movement. In Canada, the funds that are raised go to men’s health education, research and awareness. Prostate Cancer Canada, together with Movember, work together to ensure the money that gets donated goes to the right organisations.

Last year, over 854,000 people helped raise funds, which totalled $125.7-million CAD. A leaderboard has been set up to show all the international registrations. By the end of October, over 60,000 Canadian “Mo Bro’s” had already signed up. The United Kingdom is currently in the lead with over 100,000 registrations. While it’s the men who are growing the moustaches, there are many “Mo Sistas” who are also playing a vital role in the success of Movember by raising funds and awareness.

Whether you and your friends are signing up to have some fun with moustaches or you (or someone you know) have been affected by prostate cancer, Movember is truly a great cause. Donating not only means you will be contributing to important research to help fight cancer and other men’s health issues.

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