Kids dental health

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Give your kids the right start and keep them smiling brightly with these dental health tips!

Like any parent, you want your child’s gorgeous smile to be there for a lifetime – that means being actively involved in kids’ dental health. Going to the dentist can feel like a scary event, even for an adult, but with the right dentist and a healthy, active approach to dental health, your child won’t be afraid of the dentist at all!

Here’s how to positively involve your child in their dental health:

Teach them the proper techniques. Every parent knows that as soon as a child spots something interesting, it vanishes into his or her mouth! Luckily for dental health, this should make brushing and flossing an easy thing to teach. It’s important to note, however, that kids don’t have the proper dexterity to floss until about the age of 9 years old. Flossing is a nightly habit that should be introduced early so they don’t forget about this routine when they get older. Start with the regular type of floss (the picks aren’t your best choice unless you are travelling or in a rush) and allow the child to try with the supervision of an adult/parent)

Make it a fun routine! Get a range of fun kid’s toothbrushes and let your child pick out one they love – this will help them to associate positive things with dental health. Then, set times after meals for when you’re going to brush your teeth and stick to that routine, whether you’re at home or on holiday, in order to establish it as a good, solid habit. Make sure to always approach the process in a positive way to ensure that they are enthusiastic about it and full of confidence. You could even have a tooth brushing song that your child can dance and act along to as they brush their teeth – the more fun they’re having, the better!

Teach them about good nutrition and their teeth. Childhood is all about learning, and what we learn then sets the standard for our adult lives. Learning about different food products and what they can do to your teeth, both good and bad, is a great way to teach your child about caring for their dental health.

Find a dentist that specializes in dental care for children. The right dentist will not only know how to care for kids’ dental health, they’ll know how to identify with kids, making them feel comfortable and easing any fears. Dr. Husain specializes in child-friendly and pain-free dentistry, that means your child will grow up not fearing the dentist as well as be happily involved in keeping his or her teeth healthy for life.

By being actively involved in your kids’ dental healthcare, you will be giving them the foundation they need for a healthy, happy life!

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