Power Brushing vs. Manual Brushing

Electric toothbrushes are everywhere, even at your dentist, so are they good for you? Many people are wondering about the benefits of power brushing vs. manual brushing. Some are sceptical of the small head and bristles while others say they are sensitive to the motion.

Considerable research has gone into the design of bristles and powerhead of electric toothbrushes for easier and more effective cleaning of teeth and gums. As a result, they have demonstrated far-reaching benefits in the removal of plaque and prevention of cavities and gum disease over the years. In fact, the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association highlights the Cochrane review which found that the electric powered toothbrush removed plaque (7%) and gingivitis (17%) more than a manual toothbrush. If you are looking to make the switch, here are some important points to guide your decision.

The advantages of power brushing (electric toothbrush)

  1. There are sufficient studies to suggest that the high-powered bristles of electric toothbrushes remove plaque faster and more effectively.
  2. The high-speed cleaning and slightly-angled bristle design makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas behind molars and below the gums.
  3. The rotating powerhead has been known to loosen and whisk away plaque from surfaces, gum line and back teeth more easily.
  4. Higher number of bristles and brush strokes has been linked to a decline in cavities and gum disease over a period of time.
  5. People who have dexterity issues (like arthritis or rheumatism) and children find it easier to use electric toothbrushes.
  6. Many electric toothbrushes have a 2-minute timer (the recommended brushing time) to let you know how long you have been brushing which is especially great when teaching children.

At Waterloo Smiles, we encourage our patients to use electric toothbrushes to get quicker results and maintain good oral health. Dr.Husain always recommends a professional quality toothbrush. One that has a timer, and a sensor, so it won’t let you brush too hard. Our personal favorite is the oral B professional series, and don’t forget to change the heads based on the dye indicator. We sell these brushes at cost (you can’t beat that price) and are happy to set up time to review how to use the new investment once you get one and keep it in tip top shape. Click here to read testimonials from our smiling clients!

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