Prevent Oral Health Problems with Oracare

As a dentist, one of the most frequently talked about topics among my patients is the question of oral care, specifically how to keep their breath fresh all day long. For this and other oral healthcare related issues, I recommend Oracare. This two-part system is the latest advancement in oral health.

One of the reasons Oracare is so effective at helping my patients overcome bad breath is that, unlike many other products, it doesn’t just mask the problem of bad breath. Oracare is designed to address the cause of the problem and subsequently offer a permanent solution. Volatile sulfur compounds usually cause bad breath and Oracare effectively eliminates the VSC bacteria from the mouth.

Keep your mouth fresh for up to 12 hours

Because Oracare is considered a cosmetic product, it isn’t available over the counter and patients will need to get it from their dental healthcare professional. Oracare has been proven to keep patients’ breath fresh for up to twelve hours as well as assist in 28 other oral hygiene issues.

Here are only a few of the features that have made Oracare such a popular product:

  1. It kills germs that cause gum disease
  2. Eliminates up to 99% of the causes of bad breath
  3. Breaks down biofilm that causes dental plaque and
  4. Oracare is safe to use for the entire family from ages 8 and up

Bad breath is the third most common reason why people seek out dental or oral hygiene specialists. 85% to 90% of bad breath originates in the mouth. Oracare tackles this by removing up to 100% of the bacteria in the mouth that’s known to cause bad breath.

My patients always come to me seeking a permanent solution to their bad breath and now I’m happy to recommend Oracare as a lasting solution for bad breath and other oral care issues.

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