Protect That Smile: Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Protect That Smile: Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Playing sports is a magical thing. With the satisfaction of a hard-fought win, the thrill of friendly rivalry and the camaraderie of the team, it’s difficult to replicate these emotions anywhere else other than sports. However, there’s also the other side of sports – sports-related dental injuries which happen all the time. This is why we recommend always wearing custom sports mouth guards when engaging in sports.

Reduce Your Risk of Dental Injury by Wearing a Mouth Guard

Approximately 40% of all dental injuries are sports-related. By wearing sports mouth guards, you are approximately 60 times less likely to suffer from dental injuries such as a chipped, fractured or knocked-out tooth as well as even more serious injuries such as jaw fractures, neck injuries and concussions. A mouth guard decreases the frequency and severity of the injury and also provides protection to soft tissues of the mouth like gums, tongue, cheeks and lips.

A Mouth guard provides a protective cushion that protects your teeth, jaw and soft tissue from injury or reduces the severity of the injury. If you experience a traumatic blow to your jaw area, the mouth guard absorbs some of the energy and dissipates the force over a larger surface area to minimize damage.

Custom Sports Mouth Guards Provide More Comfort and Protection

When it comes to purchasing a mouth guard, you have several options – off-the-shelf mouth guards, or custom sports mouth guards. A custom-fit mouth guard specifically made for you by a dental professional provides superior protection, comfort and functionality. The mouth guard can even be specially customized for a specific sport.

In contrast, most people who wear off-the-shelf mouth guards say that they do not fit properly or they feel uncomfortable. If a mouth guard is not comfortable, people are more likely to leave it at home especially young children.

Custom sports mouth guards can be made quickly and easily. First, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and use these moulds to create your bespoke mouth guard that fits your teeth perfectly. This means that it is less likely to be displaced during impact and it can distribute the force of the impact more evenly. It will also be more fitted and less bulky which adds to the overall comfort and makes breathing, swallowing and talking easier. Due to the use of higher quality materials, custom sports mouth guards are also tear-resistant and more durable.

Your Smile Is Worth Protecting

Get sport ready and protect your smile while playing the sport you love by investing in custom sports mouth guards. Customized specifically for your smile, the custom sports mouth guards that we offer at our practice provide superior safety and genuine comfort. Talk to us today about your own custom sports mouth guard.