Questions for our partners in life and surprising answers

In recognition of these two big events in February, The Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, we have some interesting questions that were asked in a resent survey about our male and female partners.

  1. A recent survey asked married couples to describe their spouse in one word. What word topped the list? Stubborn
  2. According to a medical report, women do this almost twice as much as men.  What is it? Blink
  3. 3. 9% of women took this from a partner and didn’t give it back when they broke up.  What is it? Sweatshirt
  4. 4. 8 out of 10 men in a recent survey said this was their favourite toy as a child.  What was it? A squirt gun.
  5. According to a recent survey, men are now outnumbering women when it comes to doing this. What is it?  Online shopping
  6. 20% of people fail to do this on a monthly basis.  What is it?  Change their bed sheets
  7. According to a recent study, if you do this in 2013 you’ll likely gain about 10 pounds.  What is it? Go on vacation
  8. The average woman spends 81 minutes a day doing this. What is it? Surfing Facebook
  9. 10% of men bought a holiday gift for their partner from here. Where is it? Gas station
  10. We had to throw this one in for obvious reasons: 32% of dog owners say they buy their dog this item that is meant for people. What is it? Toothpaste

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