Sedation Dentistry for the timid at a Waterloo Dentist

The New Year is an exciting and exhilarating marker for a new start. A time to finally follow through on the goals you’ve been putting off in the previous year including¬¬ health and financial goals. Whether you have a list of New Year resolutions or not, it is inevitable that starting a new year typically encourages most people to take action and work for a better future. This is the perfect time to finally face up to your fear of a dental visit and take better control of your oral health.

At Waterloo Smiles, Dr. Husain and our entire team hope that this year becomes your best one yet. We are honoured to be one of the leading Waterloo Dental clinics serving the timid and anxious and look forward to helping you meet your oral health objectives this year. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for people trying to improve their oral health is that many people are fearful before and during dental procedures – which is completely normal. Some procedures can seem very intimidating and the fear of pain can make you avoid them to the detriment of your oral health.

Don’t Let It Hold You Back – Sedation Dentistry by a Leading Waterloo Dentist

Our team is fully committed to ensuring that you have a friendly, stress-free and totally comfortable dental visit experience (for you and your whole family). If anyone is a bit timid or nervous, you will be glad to know that we offer Single Agent Sedation which is a form of an oral sedative or nitrous oxide. This will ensure your complete comfort during every procedure. Sedation helps to relax and calm your nerves allowing the dentist to safely perform the procedure and even engage you during the procedure so you can enjoy the whole experience.

Dr. Husain has effectively treated many patients who had avoided visiting a dentist for years with the help of sedation techniques. Our well trained, professional, gentle and caring team will walk you through every step of your procedure, help you be and feel as comfortable as possible and also ensure that you are happy with the results. We will provide you with detailed information about sedation, how it will be administered, what to expect during the procedure and any side effects you might experience. Rest assured you are under the care of a highly experienced dental team that is committed to providing highly individualized and pleasant dental care and experiences.

Let this be the year when you finally take control of your oral health. We are here to ensure that our patients get the dental care they need and deserve in a way that makes them comfortable and safe. If you have been avoiding the dentist because you are nervous or anxious, we have the right solution for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about sedation dentistry and to book an appointment with our team today.

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