The Ultimate Flossing Guide

Here it is—the ultimate flossing guide! While everyone is aware of how important it is to floss their teeth daily, few know the right way to do it. Waterloo Smiles has created a step-by-step guide so that you do it properly. The correct technique is vital to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Flossing in 10 Easy Steps

1. Break off a string of floss that is approximately 18 inches long.

2. Wind most of it around the middle finger of one hand and a little bit on the other (you will use this finger to wrap the used floss).

3. Hold around 1 to 2 inches of the floss tightly (but comfortably; you don’t want to injure your fingers) between your thumbs and middle fingers.

4. Now using the index finger to guide the floss in between your teeth, rub it up and down.

5. Curve it into the letter “C” near the gum line, then slide it between the gum and the tooth.

6. Gently rub it up and down again, then move to the next two teeth.

7. Remember to unwind and use a fresh portion of the floss string after every tooth.

8. Don’t forget the back of your last tooth on the top, bottom, left and right side of your mouth.

9. Throw away the used floss; you don’t want to invite any bacteria into your mouth!

10. Floss daily; preferably before you go to bed at night.

Should you have any trouble flossing or have any questions about what type of floss to use, talk to your dentist.

At Waterloo Smiles we believe in educating our patients about how to maintain good oral hygiene and health. From advice on flossing techniques to routine checkups and the most complex restorative and cosmetic dental procedures, we are a full-service dental clinic that caters to all your needs. Our world-class team uses the latest technology to treat you to the best dental care. Let us show you how to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

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