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At Waterloo Smiles Dentistry, your pearly whites are our top priority – even if they come with some unique oral care and dental hygiene challenges! We understand how much good it can do your self-esteem for you to have a smile that you’re not afraid of sharing with the world and we pride ourselves on not only being able to deliver this to you, but also equipping you with the advice, products and services you need to help keep your teeth looking their best long after we’ve worked on them:

  1. Regular visits make a world of a difference: When it comes to looking after your teeth, it’s never too early to start going to the dentist. It’s also important that you keep up these regular visits throughout your lifetime. With recent studies linking gum disease to heart attack, strokes, respiratory disorders and even premature birth, it’s now more important than ever to see these regular visits to the Waterloo Smiles dentistry as an important part of keeping healthy in general.
  2. Prevention is better than a cure: Due to the naturally sweet toothed nature of human beings, we often indulge in rich food, sweets and chocolates – and for all of us, this puts our oral hygiene at risk. It’s important that you take preventative steps to prevent the damage that can be done by these little delicacy indulgences, which is why the Waterloo dentist offers a number of services that will help you do so.
  3. Find an effective oral hygiene solution: Give your oral health a boost with any one of the products your Waterloo dentist may recommend to you, such as an oral cleanser like OraCare. This product can easily be used between meals no matter where you are to kill the germs that cause gum disease and break down dental plaque, eliminating 99% of oral bacteria that causes bad breath and other negative effects! Safe for anyone over the age of eight, OraCare is also a perfect supplement for your kids, since it’s important to start their lives with good habits when it comes to the health of their teeth.
  4. Take notice of any aches and pains: If your teeth are giving you trouble in even the smallest way, it’s important for you not to leave it until it becomes unbearable. If you do, then what’s started as a simple issue could turn into one that’s far more serious and costly. Rather contact your Waterloo dentist and get it sorted out so that you can focus on the more pleasant things in life.

When it comes to oral hygiene, the dentists at Waterloo Smiles Dentistry are dedicated to giving you a bright smile that you are happy and confidant enough to share with the world. For more information on oral care and dental hygiene , please contact us today! At Waterloo Smiles Dentistry, we’re always happy to he

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