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Looking for a family dentist in Waterloo? Look no further than Waterloo Smiles Dentistry. We are proud to be a family dentist in Waterloo with a reputation of providing high-quality dental care to the whole family with a smile and in a safe and in a serene environment. Our friendly and dedicated staff are focused on enhancing the oral health of all our patients at any age. We provide preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services to meet the needs of your whole family so you can smile brighter.

Dental Care for All Ages

Whether you are new to Waterloo or are just looking for a new family dentist in Waterloo, our friendly doctors are here to help. Early adoption of preventative care is essential in maintaining long-term oral health. Waterloo Smiles is a fun and kid-friendly dental office that provides quality preventative care for children right from their first appointment. Our dentists are keen to make sure your children feel comfortable and relaxed with a hands-on approach that is kid-friendly. During each appointment, we make the visit an experience by engaging their curiosity, teaching, and demonstrating what each tool does as well as how to properly take care of their teeth including flossing.

Routine dental checkups are important in maintaining consistent dental care as children transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth. Our dentists monitor and track your child’s smile as they grow looking out for any signs of potential problems in the future so as to prevent them. Our services are designed to ensure your child has a healthy and bright future in the future. They include;

  • Orthodontics, clear braces
  • Emergency dental care
  • Oral surgery and more


Life-Long Bright Smiles and Oral Health

We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve exceptional oral health. Our numerous long-term dental care solutions such as all-porcelain crowns and teeth whitening are designed to not only give you a beautiful smile but also to make you feel good about yourself.

  • Dental Restorations including fixed bridges, dental implants, full and partial dentures.
  • Cosmetic dentistry such as fillings, veneers, teeth whitening and crowns.
  • Gum care including bone grafting, scaling and root planning and antibiotic treatment.
  • Endodontic treatment such as root canal therapy and treatment.

Safe and Friendly Dental Care, Long Lasting Results

Our reputation as the preferred Family Dentist in Waterloo stems from our use of innovative technology and commitment to create lasting relationships with our patients – being part of our family. We also strive to create a comfortable and safe environment for our patients. You can also learn more about the extra measure we have put in place to protect you and your family against COVID when you come in for your appointment. Choose a Family Dentist in Waterloo that truly cares for your oral health, contact us today to learn more or book an appointment.

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