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When looking for the best dentist in Waterloo, there are several key factors that you need to consider. Key among these factors is how the dental clinic handles their practice and how well their treat their patients. You can get dental services from just about any approved dental clinic, however, you want a dentist who will not only provide high quality dental care services but also be invested in your oral health and that of your family; has friendly and accommodating staff that make every visit a pleasant experience and is striving to offer the best services by empowering their staff and investing in state of the art technology. This is what you should expect from the ‘best dentist in waterloo’.

Friendly, Warm, and Welcoming Environment

Visiting a dentist, even for preventative care, is not high on the list of things people enjoy doing. For this reason, we try as much as we can to make your visit comfortable, seamless and as pleasant as possible. The clean, cozy and friendly environment sets the tone for the quality of services you should expect. The relaxing ambience in our rooms puts you at ease while the soothing background music or watching a preferred show on TV for both adults and children can make you forget that you are at a dentist’s appointment. This is further enhanced by our warm, friendly and resourceful team that go the extra mile to ensure you are comfortable and well taken care of from the moment you enter our offices to when we say our goodbyes.

Investing in State of the art Technology

In addition to a great team, we are also very keen on employing the use of the best dental technology to make procedures safer, more efficient, effective and comfortable for you and your family. Things like digital x-rays, sedation dentistry, VELscope Screening, and our new ITERO digital scanner have greatly helped us improve the quality of our services and we are continually looking for even better technologies to employ.

Striving to be the Best Dentist in Waterloo through Continuous Improvement

The world is constantly changing and if the last year or so is anything to go by, anyone striving to be the best dentist in Waterloo must be willing and able to quickly adapt. At Waterloo Smiles, we are constantly looking to improve the training and education of our staff to ensure that our services are up to date and the safest possible especially during the pandemic.

We Go Above and Beyond

You deserve a dental clinic that will be invested in your oral health and that of your family over a lifetime. At Waterloo Smiles, we employ a customer-centric philosophy to dentistry and go above and beyond to ensure that we provide the best care to our clients every time they step into our offices and in walking with them to maintain a bright and healthy smile. Want to learn more? Talk to us today or book an appointment here.

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