We’re a Family Dentistry in Waterloo

At Waterloo Smiles, we are proud to be a family dentist in Waterloo with a reputation for not just providing high-quality dental services, but for serving our patients with a smile. So what does it mean to be a “family” dentist? To us, it means a whole lot:

1. We build lasting relationships with our patients – Our patients at Waterloo Smiles, aren’t just our customers. They are a part of our family. We take the time to get to know our patients and to build meaningful, lasting relationships with them. Once you come and see us, our goal is to make sure you never need to find another dentist in the Waterloo area ever again!

2.  We ensure the health of your children’s teeth – By choosing a family dentist, you can make sure that the growth of your child’s teeth is as healthy as possible. We will keep track of how your child’s teeth come in, which allows us to take preventative measures in case anything is not quite right. By taking your child to the same dentist throughout their childhood, they will become more comfortable with going to the dentist (it can be scary for a child, after all), and we will be able to ensure that they have a beautiful, healthy smile by the time they are adults.

3. You can always trust us – We strive to create a comfortable and safe environment. Because our goal is to serve you and your family over a lifetime, you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of (such as paying for dental work you don’t need). We have built our reputation on our honesty and reliability, which means that you can trust us, for a lifetime.

In addition to our very experienced (and friendly) dental team, we also regularly invest in the latest dental technology and training. This allows us to provide the absolute best in dental healthcare. We also provide a wide variety of dental services here at our family dentistry, including fillings, iTero intraoral scanning, preventative care, and hygiene, root canal treatment, VELscope oral cancer exams, and much more.

If you’re looking for a new dentist, choose a family dentist in Waterloo, such as our highly respected Waterloo Smiles dentistry. For more information about the dental services that we offer or to schedule an appointment in Waterloo today, be sure to contact us at Waterloo Smiles. To see what our patients have to say about us read some of our reviews.

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