When is it the right time to visit your family Dentist in Waterloo

Few people visit their family dentist in Waterloo unless they absolutely have to, which means that many people will even ignore issues that they shouldn’t ignore. The following are a few signs that you should see a family dentist in Waterloo as soon as possible:

1. One or more of your teeth hurt
If one of your teeth is aching constantly, you should see a dentist right away. In fact, even if your tooth only hurts when you chew, it’s no reason to ignore the issue. A toothache can be caused by many things, such as cavities and infections, all of which need to be taken care of before they get worse.

2. You feel pain in your jaw 
If your jaw is hurting, it could be the result of an issue telegraphing from your teeth. For example, cavities have been known to cause jaw pain. This is because bacteria can travel from to the root of your tooth.

3. Your gums are overly sensitive
If your gums turn red or bleed every time you brush or floss your teeth, there might be a problem with your gum tissue. While occasional bleeding can be normal, if it’s happening every time, you might have periodontitis. Other signs of gum disease include swelling gums and loose permanent teeth.

4. You frequently have bad breath (halitosis)
Bad breath happens after you eat certain foods; however, if you still have bad breath even after you brush your teeth and floss, it means that there’s something else that’s causing it. Bad breath is often the sign of a dental cavity, gum disease, or other medical issues.

5. Your mouth is dry
If your mouth is constantly dry even if you’re drinking a lot of liquids, it means that you may not be producing enough saliva. This is an issue as it makes your teeth more susceptible to infection and decay. You need an ample supply of saliva to protect your teeth.

6. You haven’t gone to the dentist in a while
If it’s been some time since you’ve visited the dentist, then it’s time to go. The dentist doesn’t just help address issues with your teeth, they also help prevent them in the first place before they become a problem. You should see a dentist at least once every six to nine months to prevent cavities and other issues.

These signs indicate that it’s the right time to visit a family dentist in Waterloo. To schedule an appointment, contact us at Waterloo Smiles today.

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