Why is Canada Day such a big deal?

Canada Day takes place on July 1st and the reason it’s such a big deal is simple – it’s Canada’s birthday! Thousands of people flock to places like Ottawa, Ontario and other major Canadian cities to get involved in the wide range of celebratory activities and functions that happen on this date each year. In fact, Canada Day is such a big deal that there are even international celebrations in other countries where there’s a Canadian population!

A little bit of history…

Canada Day is a commemoration of July 1st, 1867, when the British North American Act (now known as the Constitution Act) united Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada into a single country. Not only did this union give our new country a lot of independence, it was an important part to paving the way for Canada to achieve full independence from the United Kingdom. In 1965 we did away with the Union Jack and got our own flag. Then in 1982 Pierre Trudeau repatriated the Canadian Constitution, that the country truly became independent and when Canada Day became an official holiday.

…And on to the celebrations!

Canadians of all different backgrounds and cultures celebrate Canada Day with fireworks, carnivals, parades, concerts, sports games and cookouts. While celebrations take place all over the country, very large events are held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and attended by the governor general and prime minister.

This year, celebrations will be held all over the city of Ottawa from dawn until dusk, with artists like Simple Plan, Jully Black, The Drums and Neverest on the stage so the crowds can dance the day away.

The fireworks will be bigger and better than ever, and will paint the sky and surface of the Ottawa River with an incredible display of light and colour, visitors are urged to get there early to get the best possible seats!

The biggest part of this holiday is celebrating what it means to be a Canadian, so meet up with your friends and family and enjoy everything that our country has to offer – whether you’re admiring the stunning natural beauty around you, painting your face with the vibrant colours of our flag, enjoying the festivities or even just sitting back and sipping on a Canadian.

Happy Canada Day eh!!

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