Will Invisalign change your look?

One of the major drawbacks of wearing classic metal braces is that although they can help straighten your teeth, they can cause a person to feel a bit self-conscious due to how visible they are. It’s one of the reasons why Invisalign has become such a popular alternative. If you’re thinking about getting Invisalign in Waterloo, odds are you’re wondering whether they will alter your look at all.

How Invisalign Will Change Your Look

Invaslign will change your overall appearance, but only in a good way. For example, if your teeth are growing unevenly, Invisalign will help to reposition them so that your teeth will grow straight, thereby eliminating crooked teeth and or gaps between your teeth. Not only will this give you a beautiful, natural smile, it will prevent future dental problems. Additionally, Invisalign can help correct overbites ancrossbites.

Essentially, by using the Invisalign aligners system, you can improve the health as well as the appearance of your teeth. In this way, Invisalign will change your look.


How Invisalign Won’t Change Your Look

Although Invisalign was designed to change your look for the better, you might be worried about how it affects your appearance while you are wearing it — and whether it could potentially cause permanent changes to your facial structure.

First of all, Invisalign consists of clear, custom fitted aligners that are practically undetectable. They are worn over the teeth to help move your teeth into a healthier position over a specified period of time, just like traditional metal braces. Unlike metal braces, they are essential NOT noticeable due to the fact that Invisalign is clear. With traditional braces, brackets have to be bonded to your teeth, through which metal wiring is positioned. With Invisalign, the clear aligners are slipped over your teeth quickly and easily, which means that you can take them out at any time. Besides not altering the visible appearance of your teeth while they are in, Invisalign aligners will not change your facial structure either.

If you’re thinking about getting Invisalign in Waterloo, then be aware that it will definitely change your appearance — but only for the better. If you’re worried about how it might alter your appearance temporarily while you wear them, you can stop worrying! Invisalign consists of clear aligners, which means that they won’t be noticeable when you are wearing them.

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