Dental Insurance: Use It Before You Lose It!

Dental insurance makes your dental care affordable enabling regular checkups. Most dental insurance plans cover a large part of the cost of preventative and rehabilitative treatments (e.g. preventative cleaning and polishing, routine examinations and X-rays, fillings and extractions, etc.) allowing you to improve your oral health and overall quality of life.

To find out exactly what is covered for you and your family members, talk to your local Waterloo dentist. The most important thing to remember about your dental coverage is that if you don’t use it, you will lose it.

Many individuals and families do not make full use of their dental benefits because they do not understand how these insurance plans work. Here are some important things you need to know.

How dental insurance works:

  1. Most insurance companies give people benefits on a calendar year basis i.e. January 1 to December 31. They do not carry over! If you have not made use of the plan yet, make an appointment right away before the year runs out. Here’s why:
    • Extensive treatment plans often require work to be done in phases. Starting now will help maximize any insurance benefits you may have.
    • You can get some important treatments done now and then go into a maintenance phase the following year.
  2. Each person in a family has their own maximum coverage limit. These dental benefits are not shared between individuals. Not using your coverage is a waste of your dental dollars.
  3. The rotating powerhead has been known to loosen and whisk away plaque from surfaces, gum line and back teeth more easily.
  4. You may have a co-pay or deductible. For example if a filling is $100, you may be covered for $80 and expected to pay the rest. Based on this 80% coverage, a $1,500 dental insurance plan is actually worth about $1,850 of services.
  5. Some dental plans will apply the deductible to diagnostic or preventative treatments, and others may not. Your insurance company or your dental office can explain further.

At Waterloo Smiles, we encourage our patients to use their dental benefits towards improving oral health and overall well-being. We work with all major insurance providers. Should you have any doubts about your dental coverage, we can provide a pre-treatment estimate for approval from your dental insurance provider.

Waterloo Smiles offers personalized attention and customized treatment plans. Click here to read testimonials from our smiling clients!

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