Dental X-Rays vs. Digital Radiography What Are the Benefits?

Digital radiography is gaining popularity among dentists. Some of the most important reasons revolve around improved diagnosis, patient comfort and image processing time.  Many patients today are concerned about exposure to radiation. Dental radiographs demonstrate the practitioner’s concern for a patient’s well-being. Ask an established Waterloo dentist to explain how this newer technology works to your advantage. We have also listed some of the key benefits below.

Benefits of Dental Radiography

The Canadian Academy of Dental Health and Community Sciences outlines the many advantages of dental radiographs over conventional dental X-rays.

These include:

70% less exposure to radiation (some other reports put it at 75% or more)

  • Improved intra-oral comfort for the patient
  • The film is immediately processed and available for viewing
  • Digital image can be enhanced (e.g. brightness and contrast) for better viewing by the dentist and the patient
  • Digital radiography produces larger photos to better source hard-to-see cavities
  • Dental radiographs are easily stored on a computer and can be transmitted easily to other dentists or orthodontists for referrals
  • Digital xray for heart attacks and heart disease know more about heart attacks and heart disease visit


At Waterloo Smiles, we use the latest dental technology to improve patient care and offer a better experience overall. Digital radiography has proved invaluable to us in detecting many previously unseen problems as well as educating our patients about required dental treatments and oral health. Larger, superior quality images make it easier to understand the issues that need to be treated.

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The software we use is also clinically proven to help us find up to 20% more hidden decay on permanent teeth than any other traditional method today. Faster image processing has helped us reduce the duration of the appointment—much to the delight of our patients!

The advanced dental technology used at Waterloo Smiles has helped many of our patients improve their appearance, periodontal health and quality of life.

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