How Dry Mouth Affects Your Dental Health

Did you know that having a “dry mouth” can lead to many dental issues including bad breath, plaque build-up, gingivitis and an increased risk of cavities? One of the reasons for dry mouth is acidic saliva. Drinking more water is only part of the solution. Consult an experienced Waterloo dentist to determine your saliva pH levels and the cause of ‘mouth acidity’. Dr. Husain will explain the oral science of dry mouth and advise you on the right treatment.

Why test your saliva?

Testing your saliva pH (Power of Hydrogen) measures its acidity/alkalinity. While your body has a natural pH level, factors such as diet, medication and oral hygiene can alter the pH level of your saliva. If it is more acidic than normal, you may be at an increased risk of dry mouth and the dental problems mentioned above. Neglect can worsen the situation as acidic saliva creates an unhealthy environment for teeth, fillings and dentures. This applies to both adults and children.

How do you treat dry mouth?

Treatment for dry mouth varies from one individual to another. Not every mouth condition is the same. Depending on the cause and severity of your condition, you could be asked to try different things, such as altering your diet in favour of a healthier lifestyle and/or improving your oral hygiene.

Waterloo Smiles provides a customized home care regime to suit your mouth’s specific needs. Our dry mouth treatment begins with helping you understand oral science and the importance of keeping the acidity levels of saliva in check.

We have helped many young adults, and men and women of all ages balance their saliva pH levels to improve or eliminate dry mouth. The ‘safer’ your mouth is, the fewer cavities you will suffer from and the longer your dental solutions will last. Click here to read testimonials from our smiling clients!

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