Family Dentist in Waterloo Recommends Curaprox Brushes

Are you still relying on standard toothbrushes alone to keep your teeth clean? If so, you might be interested to learn more about the Curaprox interdental brushes. Dentists and orthodontist across the country, including your local family dentist in Waterloo, are now recommending that their clients add the use of Curaprox brushes to their oral hygiene routine. Here’s why

Power Brushing vs. Manual Brushing

Electric toothbrushes are everywhere, even at your dentist, so are they good for you? Many people are wondering about the benefits of power brushing vs. manual brushing. Some are sceptical of the small head and bristles while others say they are sensitive to the motion.

Considerable research has gone into the design of bristles and powerhead of electric toothbrushes for easier and more effective cleaning of teeth and gums. As a result, they have demonstrated far-reaching benefits in the removal of plaque and prevention of cavities and gum disease over the years. In fact, the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association highlights the Cochrane review which found that the electric powered toothbrush removed plaque (7%) and gingivitis (17%) more than a manual toothbrush. If you are looking to make the switch, here are some important points to guide your decision.

How your dental hygiene affects your heart and health

Since we were kids, dentists have been telling us to brush our teeth three times a day and to floss regularly. Although all of us know how important it is to follow a proper dental hygiene regimen, few of us really follow through with this advice…

According to the 201 Crest and Oral-B Great Canadian Smile Survey, a staggering 68% of people disregard the advice dentists give them. The problem is that poor dental hygiene doesn’t only lead to yellow teeth and bad breath – it can also lead to heart disease. Even more surprisingly, doctors are able to predict heart disease by simply peering into your mouth and checking out your teeth!

Tooth decay has become the most prevalent chronic childhood illness

Tooth decay has become the most prevalent chronic childhood illness. It may surprise you but tooth decay is five times more common than asthma and four times more common than early childhood obesity. None of us want our children’s teeth to rot and fall out. I’m sure we’ll all agree that it’s not always easy getting them to floss and brush every day- after every meal.

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