What is Orthodontics?

The condition of your teeth is important for a number of reasons – damaged or missing teeth can cause discomfort while chewing, can hinder the ability to chew properly and can affect your self-confidence if it affects your smile. Fortunately, there’s an area of dentistry that focuses on this and it’s called orthodontics. If you are missing teeth or have damaged teeth, you should consider a dental office that specializes in orthodontics in Waterloo.

Is Invisalign Really Better: 10 Facts to Help You Decide

Want to straighten your teeth quickly without the pain and embarrassment of metal braces? Consider Invisalign—these are virtually invisible braces offering a discreet way to address common dental issues and enhance your smile in a shorter span of time. An experienced Waterloo dentist can explain the process and help you decide if it is right for you. Invisalign has helped more than 900,000 patients all over the world smile confidently again.

Is this one of your parental nightmares?

Imagine your child decides to get her tongue pierced. Then, as if you needed something else to worry about, she starts “playing” with the tiny barbell-shaped stud, by constantly pushing it against her upper front teeth. Then before you know it, she forces a gap between those teeth. Just a fraction of an inch gap that, may likely run you thousands of dollars in orthodontic work to straighten out.

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