Waterloo Dentist Offers Cosmetic Dentistry Services To Keep You Smiling

Cosmetic dentistry enables you to erase many dental flaws. Crooked teeth, unsightly gaps, yellowish stains, etc. can easily be replaced by a whiter, brighter smile. To know exactly which one treatment is right for you, consult an experienced Waterloo dentist.

Many people are embarrassed by their misaligned, misshapen and discoloured teeth. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to correct these dental problems quickly and discreetly. While no one will know your secret, they will certainly notice your beautiful smile.

What treatments does cosmetic dentistry offer?

  1. Invisalign braces– A virtually invisible teeth straightening treatment
  2. Teeth whitening– Procedures like ZOOM whitening help you get a sparkling smile in just an hour
  3. Dental crowns and bridges– Have both cosmetic and restorative benefits; they can restore the shape, protect weak teeth and repair damaged ones
  4. Dental implants– Offer aesthetically pleasing teeth that not only look good but also feel and function like normal ones
  5. Dental veneers– Can transform misaligned, discoloured or broken teeth within a week to ten days

Many cosmetic treatments go beyond aesthetics to offer restorative benefits and promote teeth health. You can enjoy a beautiful smile and good oral health at the same time. Your Waterloo dentist will explain how cosmetic dentistry helps prevent, avoid and/or remedy common dental issues.

These advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments at Waterloo Smiles have helped many young adults, men and women of all ages improve their smile and self-confidence. Click here to read testimonials from our smiling clients!

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