Why is a custom sports mouth guard important?

Custom sports mouth guards are not only important in sports performance but also in keeping your teeth healthy. It is estimated that over five million players lose their teeth annually due to sporting activities. Compared to the estimated lifetime cost of rehabilitating and replacing teeth that stands at $20,000, obviously it’s better to protect your teeth using a custom made sports mouth guard. You do not want to lose or break a tooth, damage your gums or perform poorly in your sport due to a cheap or poorly made mouth guard. We all want to keep our teeth looking strong and youthful. How can you achieve this?

Ensure that your dentist makes you a fitted and comfortable sports mouth guard. Generally, athletes dislike bulky mouth guards. It makes them uncomfortable in the field as they keep adjusting it, which may affect their sport performance. You should not have to bite it to keep it in position or have one that keeps popping out during a collision or during normal use.

A professionally made custom-mouth guard matches the structure of your mouth. Each individual has a unique mouth structure. Another persons’ mouth guard or off the shelf mouth guards are not be a good solution. A high quality custom made mouth guard should be precisely moulded with the gums and teeth. It should protect all teeth without exerting any force on them.

Your dentist should design a mouth guard that allows for normal oxygen flow. The Boil-and-bite type of mouth guard is disliked because it causes difficulty in breathing and speaking. A good mouth guard should not restrict oxygen intake during your sporting activity since reduced oxygen causes exhaustion and hence poor performance. It should also allow for easy verbal communication with your team mates.

Custom sports mouth guards can be attractive and boldly designed. Doing so may also encourage younger people to carry them at all times. You can customize them in many colours so they are part of your uniform, they can also bear your name and your team logo. Mouth guards should always be cleaned and disinfected after each use and stored in an appropriate container after each use.

A good custom made mouth guard is your uniform and your safety; the only guarantee that even with tons of play activity, your teeth will remain intact, strong and youthful. It’s fitted, protective and comfortable nature gives you the confidence to participate in sports like hockey, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, boxing etc. which is associated with high mouth and jaw injury. The better your mouth guard, the better your performance.

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