Is Fluoride Good for Me? Will It Make Me Sick?

Fluoride is present in most oral care products, from toothpastes to mouth rinses. However, there are plenty of misconceptions about fluoride, especially when it comes to using fluoride supplements or adding it to drinking water. Many Canadians are worried about fluoride use and concerned that it could make them sick. Here is some light on the subject.

Reasons Fluoride is Good and Safe

Fluoride, whether added to water or in oral care products, is considered safe. Just some reasons it is good for adults and children include:

It Prevents Tooth Decay – Fluoride is one of the more effective ways to prevent tooth decay, especially in children.

1. Protects from Cavities: Fluoride use on a regular basis can also prevent cavities in adults and children, which is why it is a common additive in toothpaste products.

2. Safe and Effective: The benefits of fluoride have been seen consistently for more than 70 years. It is one of the best methods for cavity prevention as well as the safest. It has been endorsed by numerous organizations and even recommended by several dental and medical associations.

3. It Is Natural : Fluoride is naturally produced in groundwater and the ocean. When communities add fluoride to sources of drinking water, they are simply adjusting the levels in the water, which is similar to fortifying milk and other products with vitamins and essential minerals.

4.It Is Not a Medication : Many people wrongly assume that fluoride is a medication; therefore, they do not want to be forced to take unnecessary medicines. In reality, fluoride is a natural occurring mineral that contributes to healthy bones and prevents tooth decay.

Are There Side Effects of Fluoride?

Fluoride typically does not have any side effects. In most cases, it is a well-tolerated mineral, even when added to toothpaste and consumed in tablet form. Rarely, some individuals can experience nausea or diarrhea, while severe cases can involve weakness, tremors, seizures, etc. These symptoms are extremely rare.

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